Friday, April 29, 2011

inspiration from successful authors

The Publication Blues by Ray White

I've queried and networked, till blue in the face
Submitted, submitted all over the place
Read my rejections (and some made me cuss)
"Great Concept,""well written"-"just not right for us."

Then what, I would ask, does it take to succeed?
If "Great Concept," "well written" won't get me a read
Persistence, it seems, in the face of rejection
Is the only sure path that leads to selection.

The odds are quite simple- you will or you won't
Those who will, do--and those who don', won't.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

inspiration from successful authors

(Excerpt taken from F. Paul Wilson in ('How I Got Published')

"That- the satisfying conclusion part- is, I believe, the best reason for an utline. Count how many novels have done this to you: You're sailing along, digging the prose and the plot and the characters whe, about three-quarters of the way through, you start to notice it falling apart, eventually concluding not with a satisfying bang, not even ith a whimper. It doesn't really end, it just"


So this happens to me...except, upon completeing 'A Coincidence Away', I figured there just has to be a part 2. Possibly, part 3.

Dear Literary Agents....

I'm still waiting!!

christina rozeas

Friday, April 22, 2011

author inspirations

(Taken from J.A. Jance's excerpt in 'How I Got Published')

"When my second husband and I first married, he supported all of us- the two of us, is kids and mine. It was a long time before my income from writing was anything more than fun money- 'The Improbable Cause' trip to Walt Disney World; the 'Minor in Possession' memorial powder room; the 'Payment in Kind' memorial hot tub. Seven years ago, however, the worm turned. My husband was able to retire at age fifty four and take up golf and oil painting."

dear husband:

i am at least working at getting the fun money.

and i am waiting for disney to call me.


christina rozeas

Friday, April 15, 2011

inspiration from other authors

(taken from Christopher Moore's Excerpt in 'How I got Published')

One night, the week before Thanksgiving, my Hollywood agent called me at work, w hich he had never done. He said that Disney wanted to buy the rights to my book outright for $300,000, but they had to have an answer by 8 p.m. or the offer was withdrawn.

My agent called an hour later. He said, "We closed at $400,000."

dear literary agents looking for new blood-

hi!! i'm over here- i have more ideas than you can possibly imagine and it's not in my blood to give up or to lose a fight.

and-- disney? are you out there?

i know you'd love my stories! harry potter be damned ;)

warm regards,
christina rozeas

Monday, April 4, 2011

dear sophe kinsella:

my all-time favorite author is Sophie Kinsella.

Her books, especially the Shopaholic series, seriously put a smile on my face. It's not that I could relate to the heroine of the novels; but I could relate to the language and tone of her books.

I love Sophie Kinsella.

Seriously, it was one of my morning missions to locate some of her information so that I may send her a letter up front about how much she's inspired me. do you think she'll take on any mentees?

pray she writes back...or at least one of her people reads my letter. if anyone can help me with my books, stories and ideas, i know she can.

i'm writing, ms. kinsella!