Friday, January 28, 2011

"super christina"

isn't that cute? my nephew drew that for me a couple of years back when i was watching him all the time and writing my stories. he's such an awesome kid. i was deemed superchristina for all the stuff i would accomplish throughout the day...
and today i made him proud :)

i am so happy- one of the books i have written-the one under my alias- has had one buyer!


i am pretty sure i know who that buyer is- but thank you <3 y'all make me want to keep writing!

not that i know i could stop.

if you go over to my other blog, you'll notice that i have a 'january list' which i've compiled of things i NEEDED to accomplish.

i am almost all done. holy. cow.

except for my book ideas, of course. i don't think i'll ever be done :)

please stay warm this weekend <3

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