Monday, June 20, 2011

how i started...

(a submission i recently wrote- without double checking, as usual. That's a fact I have to work on!)

It was a quiet early-summer day and there was absolutely nothing to do.

It was too hot for my sisters to want to play with me and too humid for my parents to take me to the park.

What I did next was the only thing that could quench my boredom...I snuck into my sisters' bedroom, very quietly.

I knew exactly where she kept her diary and I figured that it was as good a time as any to begin reading it.
So I did...thoroughly. Maybe twice.

I had finished reading the last page when an idea struck me-I can publish a family newspaper! Everyone was so busy doing their own interesting and grown up things that they had forgotten all about me.

I began to write and write and write. Than I rewrote the front page about three times (so I can pass it out to my family members- there was no copy machine in my house.)

It now occurs to me that the whole time I wrote and wrote and wrote, no one came to check on me. Seeing me sitting on the floor and writing on something was my usual past time if I was stuck indoors.

Finally, my masterpiece was complete. I wanted to wait to hand them out, but I just couldn't. I headed to the living room and handed out a copy of "Family Times" (a spin on 'Family Ties')

My Mother and Father had practically burst into tears and hugged me into submission before they read the article about my sister's diary...then...


There was no time for them to hide the third copy from my sister.

So I ran and ran and ran.

And that's the last time the Family Times was published.

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