Wednesday, June 1, 2011

time- see what's become of me

"How much do you want to be a published author? That's how much you have to read."

With the exception of this weekend, it seems as if all I have been doing is reading and writing. My freelancing is working out smoothly and I have been inspired for a lot of my already-started manuscripts and new stories altogether.

It doesn't leave me much time to query literary agents and publishers about my two self-published works.

Today, I am trying to get back into the groove by going over my writing to do list.
Tomorrow, I will continue. I will. I will.


Other than that- the past few months have been very exciting- filled with travel, and good friends. Then, there's always the good food and good wine part.


So back to the writing board I go with my thousand ideas. Pray for me! :D

thank you thank you thank you,
christina rozeas

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